Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Another January is in. An another February beckons. He still exists. Contrary to all his wild & equally vivid imaginations over the years, he still exists. He is not the same though and all he can do is wonder whether he wanted to be the same? The surroundings have changed and so have the people. But this always happens. All the time. But he has just stopped making fuss over it. Like the naked kid on the footpath whom he meets daily & who is least bothered by his gazing eyes, he has learnt to be totally unconcerned as well. He just walks by, barely concealing a half-smile, barely pretending to be unconcerned while getting the same response from the urchin. the kid is just way too busy racing his imaginary Honda cars across the glass right next to the pavement where he is learning the ropes of his life. He walks by, still gazing at the kid, & counting his imaginary millions while someone called fate just chuckles at their expense.

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