Monday, October 1, 2007


You can’t say to spring : “come on and stay forever”.
You can only say : ”come on and stay as long as you like and fill me with your hope and splendor”.
Pain and suffering are an indispensable part of human life. We are born to enjoy this gift of life but, what we actually do ? from the very beginning we are taught the virtues of sacrifices .one sacrifice leads to another and before we can even realize what is going on we end up getting tied up in a chain of sacrifices.
A soldier doesn’t go to a war to kill his enemy . of course , he does but he is gloried or, rather , eulogized if he sacrifices himself for the country. He is hailed as a true patriot!
What does a wife want to show to her husband ? does she want to say that she is happy> the answer is , a definitive no ! all she wants to show that how devoted she is and how she sacrifices her well being for the joys of her husband.
Why does a husband go to work? except for a few rare cases, he doesn’t go for his personal happiness. he toils hard manfully only for the good of his family.
When it comes to us, we are no better . we are ready to give up our dreams to please our parents and they gave up their lives so that we could have a better life.
So where do all these things lead to?
What we actually seek that compels us to make these sacrifices ,howsoever small they may be ?
Do we have any answers ?
I suggest we seek joy, love , happiness and all the other human emotions that have long since been confined to books and in our blind race for success we have lost our identities. We have forgotten that we are after all, humans! We have our own flaws and no one is perfect. learn to live with the flaws without ever letting them to be an impediment in your quest of life.
Don’t get used to pain. It’s a powerful drug, intoxicating, incarcerating and highly seductive when it comes in disguise of self-sacrifice! Howsoever hard we may try to reject this idea , but it’s a fact that we human beings have a tendency to live with pain and extract joy out of it, making it an indispensable part of our lives. What a paradox!!

Saturday, April 7, 2007


as this being my first post, a lot of thought was spent in deciding the title of it."DREAMS"- why? partly, bcoz they are a reflection of a person's thoughts and partly because ,they inspire creativity. what did we dream of, before we joined an engg. college?by the term "we" here ,i want to refer to students like me who ,after spending a couple of years in an engineering college, feel digruntled, to say the least,or, rather in plain terms,aimless-just heading nowhere.i may sound pretty pessimistic and my thoughts may be dismissed as a mere rheotric of a loser.but , i can pretty well assure u that this is what not only me but scores of students feel the same a time for certain reasons:
while preparing for entrances ,we were told of engg as a miraculous career option which could bring the best out of us, but what have we done in last two years? at best, succeeded in mugging up whatever is there in syllabi, just a night b4 exams and then forgetting the whole thing after exams.ya,indeed we have become like comps, information once entered is shift+deleted the very nxt day itself.who is responsible for this?partly us, but as a whole the entire blame rests with the age-old boring material required to be studied by us or rather mugged by us, as , the case may be.the emphasis is rather on quantity , rather than on quality.everytime i say this , i am reminded of class of signals and systems in 3rd sem or that of mod theory in my current sem, where faculty made a complete mess of such intetresting subjects.
another major area of concern, which sadly affects students of small clgs like us ,is that of placements.for four years u work hard and spend countless hours trying to understand yhe nuances of electronics but what happens at the end?, u end up getting placed in a software company. isn't that horrible,to say the least.for guys like us , who are in electronics , its chaleble but what abt guys rom mechanical or say, chemical. the whole life then becomes a living hell.sadly, the whole education system becomes a complete farce.and that is when deams are shattered. dreams nurtured throughout whole childhood and fuelled by a desire to achieve something, when someone lands himself in such a predicament from where there is no looking back what is one supposed to do?just stand and stare or..........

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