Sunday, March 8, 2009


As I turned around, I was stunned by what I saw
I forgot what I was saying and stood like a dumb statue
There she was and I felt sure ‘yes! she is the one’
Breathtakingly beautiful, Ah! That would be such an understatement for her
There she was, standing amidst a crowd of bumbling morons
Adorned by the rays of the setting sun,
And all I could do was to stare at her like another moron.

Eyes deep blue, naah! That’s my imagination playing games again
Her eyes were pitch black,
Black as that of a moonless night
And her hair that fell in curls over her shoulders
just made my heart skip a beat or two!
With words that came out of her mouth
Like pearls dropping out of sky
And luscious lips that parted
Just took my breath away.
Out of the blue someone else appeared,
She held his hand and walked away.
Crestfallen and heartbroken, I dragged myself to my den again
Only to find, another ‘one’ the next day
again and again!


amit singh said...

ummmm.....u shold hav prayed to have a glimse of dat unmatchable beauty once agn,it ur powerful way of expressing,which made me feel as if i hav alo seen dat gal,vely well done...carry on..

suv said...

ma kassam! U r THE bard!

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